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Emko Electronik

Emko Electronik

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Products Generator Set Controllers
Automatic Genset Controller with Transfer Switching

Automatic Mains Failure Unit, CanBus J1939 ECU communication, Multi language selections, USB communication, Speed sensing from Magnetic Pickup, Alternator frequency and CanBus ECU, Statistic Records, Generator phase sequence control, Programmable weekly working permit calender, Exercise at programmed time intervals

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Technical Specifications Files F.A.Q.


CanBus J1939 ECU Communication
LCD Languages English/Chinese, English/Deutch, English/Turkish, English/Italiano, English/Espanol, English/Francais, English/Russian
Event Logs Last 50 events with measured values
Inputs 6x Configurable digital, 4x Analogue senders, 1x Cabinet temperature, Magnetic Pickup, Charge Alternator D+(WL) inputs
Outputs Configurable 2x Relays, 4x Transistors, MBR and GBR outputs
Current Measurement 3 phases CT inputs for Load Current, 1x CT input for Earth Current
Voltage Measurement 3 phases for Mains, 3 phases for Alternator
Power Factor Measurement For 3 phases
Dimensions 229mm x 152mm x 41mm
Panel Cut-Out 182mm x 135mm
Protection NEMA 4X IP65 at front side
Weight Approximately 0,53Kg
DC Battery Supply range 8 to 32Vdc, max.operating current is 360mA
CT Secondary 5A
Sender Measurement

0 to 1300 ohm, accuracy: 1%FS, resolution: 1 ohm


-50 to +100 ºC, accuracy: 1 % FS, resolution: 1 ºC.
Operating / Storage Temp. -20°C to +70°C / -30°C to +80°C
Input /Output with Trans-I/O module
Analogue Input with Trans-Analogue module
Dual working with Trans-DUAL module
Remote Communication & Visualisation
Built-in USB 2.0
GSM with Trans-Messenger module
GPRS with Trans-Messenger.GP module
Ethernet with Trans-Messenger.PRO module
Embedded WEB server

with Trans-WEB-AMF module or

with Trans-WEB.GP module

Serial ModBus with Trans-Messenger.485 module
Wireless with Trans-Messenger.RF module
Quality Certificates
File Type File Name Date of Installation Process
Brochures TRANS-AMF_ENG_MAN_V42 27 July 2017 / Thursday Download
Application Notes Trans Series ModBus Registers 25 January 2013 / Friday Download
Application Notes Trans-Series-2_EN 26 December 2013 / Thursday Download
Application Notes Trans-Series-3_EN 25 December 2013 / Wednesday Download
Application Notes Trans Series Parameter Upload Process 15 January 2014 / Wednesday Download
Application Notes Trans Series Parameter Download Process 15 January 2014 / Wednesday Download
Application Notes Trans Series Parameter Default Setting Process 15 January 2014 / Wednesday Download
Brochures Trans-AMF 10 February 2015 / Tuesday Download
Application Notes Trans-AMF & Trans-Web_Ethernet 24 April 2015 / Friday Download
Application Notes Trans-AMF & Trans-GPRS 07 November 2014 / Friday Download
Application Notes Trans AMF_EN 17 December 2014 / Wednesday Download
Application Notes Contactor can not activate in the mains absence 28 December 2015 / Monday Download
User Manuals TRANS-AMF 27 February 2018 / Tuesday Download
Software TRANS-AMF-V2.9.65-Instal 11 June 2018 / Monday You must login to see this link.
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