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Emko Electronik

Emko Electronik

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Corporate Time Tunnel
1986 1992 1997 2001 2004 2007 2011 2014



It was founded as a small size collective company.

Electromechanic production, maintanence and repairment of test and automation systems was realized.



Production area was expanded.

R&D department was founded.

Temperature control devices and timers production started.

Industrial computer control test systems was developed.



1st generation Generator Control Devices was developed. ( No microchip)



Programmable control devices, which has microchips and high precision controled, was


A wide sales network including industry zones was established in Turkey for standard

catalog product sales ( temperature control devices, sensors, timers and counters).



              2nd generation microprocessor based generator control devices was manufactured.

                Production moved to a bigger area.

                R&D department was expanded.


1st generation axis control devices for sheet processing machines was produced.



EMKO Elektronik moved to Bursa Demirtas Industry Zone for a greater capacity production plant.

                TSE-ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate was received.

                R&D department was expanded.

                EMC& Climatic test labarotories were established to provide conformity to instructions of CE.

                Production capacity was enhanced.


Sales and marketing capacity were augmented.
              Product line was extended.



SMT production started.

                Started to export to many countries such as USE, UAE, Germany, Pakistan, Hungary, Israel.



3rd generation measurement control devices were manufactured.

3rd generation generator control devices were manufactured.

BTSO reward was recieved first time in the exported product category.

In the exported countries have added countries  such as Egypt, Singapore, Canada, Lebanon, France, Thailand, England, China, Poland.



Marketing and sales activites were enhanced for export sales.

Export has started countries such as  Australia, Spain, Greece.



                Distribution networks were established in variuos countries for standad catalog product groups.

BTSO reward was recieved first time in the exported product category.

Export has started to Denmark and Jordan.



ESM-XX50 Series, Smart Input/Output Module System process control devices recieved ‘ Innovation and Creativity Reward` from TESID.

                TSE quality reward was received.

                ` Smart Input/ Output Module System in Flexible Process Control Devices was patented.   

                Process control systems production was transformed to Lean Production.

                Sales channels around world were extended.

              UL application was made for standard product category.



                4th generation generator control devices were manufactured.

                Flexible and modular process control devices with the HMI technology were manufactured.

                Started to export to countries such as Austria, Mexico, Syria, India, Saudi Arabia, Holland, Italy, Indonesia.



ROHS conformity was ensured in its products.

                The Chairman and general manager of EMKO ELEKTRONIK, Ayhan Ispalar,  received ` 2006 Traditional BUSIAD Profession Reward`

                Started to export with Iran and Dominic.

                Emko products were started to issue in CONRAD catalog that is the most respected online electronic component and technology market of Germany.



                New brand ( EMKO ENERGY) was registered for generator control devices 



Emko was on of the 12 successful SME`s selected by TURKONFED. It was announced in ` The conversation in SME`s: The Great Achievements of Small Businesses` report.

Exports have continued in many countries such as Great Britain, India, Greece, Pakistan, Thailand, Colombia, Hong Kong, China, France, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Syria, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Netherlands, Jordan, Germany, Egypt, Indonesia, UAE, South Korea, Korea, Russia, Lebanon, Singapore, Portugal, Israel, Spain, Iraq, South Africa, Mauritius, Iran, Algeria, Italy, Argentina.



The factory building was extended from 2500m2 to 4000m2. The production and the employement increased 2,5 times and %50 respectively.  Five times faster electronic assembly line was installed.

In the exported countries have added countries  such as Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Peru, Scotland.



ESD protection started in the production zone.

                The new EPLC was launched with the motto ` Create Your Own Device`

                In the exported countries have added countries  such as Venezuela, Latvia, Yemen, Ukraine, Tunisia, Kuwait, Kosovo, Azerbaijan.



  Emko Elektronik Inc. possessed the title of the firm owned the broadest product line in measurement control devices.  

  5th generation generator control devices were manufactured. Useful model registration was received.

 Web-Server module was designed for the remote management of control devices.

  EMKO products are being promoted in many fairs organized in various countries such as; Germany, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Dubai, India, China, Pakistan, Endonasia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam  etc..

  In the exported countries have added Belgium, Morocco, Vietnam, Sweden by Emko who has augmented 60 county in export.

 Emko was got trademark registration in Lebanon, Hong Kong, Peru, Tunisia, Israel, Jordan, Cambodia, Taiwan, Colombia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Malaysia after had got Turkey.


Started to sales of Emko products from RS Components internet site.

Brazilia was added into between exhibition countries of participating.

Incubation Control device was offered on the market

Emko was got trademark registration in Egypt, South Africa, Russian Federation, Morocco, Singapore, Ukraine, Thailand and the European Union (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Cyprus, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece) after had got Turkey, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Peru, Tunisia, Israel, Jordan, Cambodia, Taiwan, Colombia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Malaysia.



Received EAC Quality certificate for EMKO products to the Russian Republic.

Made a new dealership agreement that has been extensive activity in Russia.

Signed new franchise agreements with Thailand and Vietnam, began to become more active in Far East markets.

Signed a new franchise agreement in India.

Extensional structures with 2nd Generation cluster controller module was produced.

Relative Humidity sensors took place in EMKO ELEKTRONİK's product range.

Adde India that attended fairs between the countries.

Added China and America as getting trademark registration between countries.

Achieved to enter the last five finalists from 3403 firms in Turkey at the SME and Entrepreneurship Awards Ceremony-Inovative SME Branch-that was organized by KOSGEB.

Took place among the most successful SME's at the Economic Value Adding Award Ceremony-2014 that was organized by BTSO.

Electronic production line was advanced machinery investments.



Emko Elektronik attended to the "2014 KOSGEB SME and Entrepreneurship Awards Ceremony" that the firm innovates in the field of manufacturing and business process with product growth and innovation studies. And took place in last 5 finalists between 343 candidates form Bursa and 3403 candidates from Turkey in common.

The new TFT Screen Channel8, Channel8A, PID QUADRO devices were manufactured.

Emko Elektronik attended to the 2015 International Fairs "Dubai Mee", "Win Eurasia / İstanbul", Hannover Messe", "G-Power / China", "Expo Electrica / Mexico" and offered to the visitors many products.

Emko Elektronik attended to B2B meetings with "Electric Electronics and Services Exporters Association" which were organized by "İstanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters Association" in Cambodia and Myanmar.


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